Prakhin International Literary Foundation

About The Prakhin International Literary Foundation

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The Prakhin International Literary Foundation was founded by Lyudmila Prakhina, her sons, Boris and Michael and their families. Its mission is to provide financial and moral support to authors engaged in the global fight for democracy, peace, equality of all races and cultures, and the suppression and eradication of fascism and antisemitism through education, literature, music, film and arts.

Currently, the Foundation awards three annual literary awards for non-fiction books:

"The Truth about the Holocaust & Stalinist Repression." conducted in New York, NY
Student Award "The Truth about Holocaust & Stalinist Repression" together with NJ Department of Education and Commission for Holocaust conducted in New York, NY
"The Truth is in the Sea" is conducted in St. Petersburg Russia.

These awards will be given at the beginning of each year for work best representing the Foundation's core mission.